Enabling talented youngsters to reach their potential

Too many talented youngsters fail to reach their potential, simply because the people supporting them don't understand and act, on the fact that a person cannot have a problem without having the solution in their mind

Martin Briercliffe

"Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than they do trying to solve them"  Henry Ford 

Repair by repair Not replacement Wealthy clubs can afford to attract youngsters with innate talent, train and develop them for years and because of a problem in their mental make up that they can't resolve, discard them and start again.

One clubs rubbish is another clubs treasure

My talent is solving single specific problems in the mind that adversely affect an individual, irrespective of whether the manifestation is behavioural, performance or physical as in a susceptibility to or recurring injury or illness.

I specialize in enabling young talent to flourish, by resolving the issues in their mind that hold them back

If you are a parent/Carer or a coach of a talented youngster who has a seemingly insurmountable problem, then I may be able to help.  I can't teach sporting skills, but I'm very good at solving problems in the mind.

Contact me and lets talk about possibilities

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​email: martin@themindcoach.eu